Reading piano sheet music is difficult at first but then becomes easier with practice. Learn some great basic tips on how to read types of more complex music…

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25 thoughts on “Beginning Piano Lessons : Reading Complex Music Notes

  1. romourarosa says:

    I really like your lesson. It is so easy to understand when you explain 🙂
    Thank you !!! Best wishes from Brazil, Roberta

  2. Ava Mehr says:

    great video. I am trying to learn River Flows In you by Yiruma, but I can’t
    tell the difference between the way the black keys, and the regular keys
    are written. How do you know that the note you’re supposed to play is a
    black key? thx

  3. Cuchie315 says:

    This is great! Can anyone please give me the link to a tutorial that will
    teach me to play complex notes like music sheets of scores by Bach?

  4. kerried9 says:

    The black keys are the sharps and flats, eg the black key between the C & D
    (white keys) is C# ( # =sharp) and the black key between the A & B white
    keys is b flat. Sorry not sure how to get the flat note on here but it
    looks like a b! hope this helped 🙂

  5. johnandemilio says:

    expertvillage please respond i don’t get the 2 and the 4 on the sides and i
    still don’t understand the eighth note is it half a quarter note?

  6. iDanielVideo says:

    Uh I was actually looking for tips on how to better read complex
    notes……. like double sharps and flats…………. extremely complex
    rhythms and ledger lines that go over 5

  7. mark julius Macadaeg says:

    Hi guys, I wanted to let you know of a cool new piano learning device in
    Gizmag Google “gizmag pianomaestro”

  8. smeahzidente says:

    maybe it might be a good idea to play the notes as u describe them so we
    can hear the sound etc. 🙂

  9. andriymz says:

    @ximpai for me this is easy, but i have theory, i played clarinet 4 years,
    and tap keys with this easy sheet isn’t difficult, but who is just in the
    beginning of “music world”, i bet it’ s hard

  10. andriymz says:

    @ximpai and why you said “so u should change the tittle to advanced piano
    lesson :(” this isn’t mine video xD

  11. tonebeatz24 says:

    Me I usually play by the ear which I don’t need those notes to read, but
    its good to learn. I believe that music though comes from the ear and soul.

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