I absolutely love that song…. this song is unkown and actually in the music stores Ive never seen an album that is included that song,…I discovered it be…

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24 thoughts on “Barry White – Sheet Music

  1. David C says:

    This is the Godfather of Soul people. Nobody write his own, music,
    composes, and writes the instrumental background like Barry White. This man
    does it all. This is why he has the success that hes has in the past,
    present and future, because Barry does NOT let no one to write his music.
    His music continue to carry forever and he is the man

  2. raul1252 says:

    no debe gustarte mucho cuando haces este comentario en 1987 saco un buen
    disco sho you right en 1994 un genial icono is love 1999 otro genial stayin
    power su salud no era buena y yo lo defendere amuerte porque es mi idolo
    musical y porque es el n1

  3. Anthony Figgiani says:


  4. souljazzandlove says:

    This man was a music genius! Listen to the various instrument play! Listen
    to the melody! Listen to the overall composition! He had many great music
    on the “sheet”

  5. Amr Azim says:

    @davewc – I totally agree – HE IS THE GODFATHER OF SOUL and he also
    exploded the Disco scene as well….e.g. Your sweetness is my weakness; Let
    the music play, The Man among others…

  6. Jeffrey H says:

    Barry Eugene Carter (September 12, 1944(1944-09-12) – July 4, 2003,
    brothers and sisiter’s there was only one walrus of love, he has been
    missed hasn’t he.

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