Samuel Barber – Agnus dei (Adagio for strings Op. 11, transcribed for mixed chorus) Performance by The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge & Richard Marlow.

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25 thoughts on “Barber – Agnus dei (with sheet music)

  1. ThePochaccos says:

    It is performed by the Choir of Trinity College Cambridge. Of all the
    different choirs I’ve heard, this is my favourite performance of this
    piece. 🙂

  2. Capedamon1 says:

    I recognised that particular recording immediately. Can you add the details
    of the performers into the details box above? I remember as a child
    listening to that choir when they visited Port Elizabeth in South Africa. A
    packed Feathermarket Hall sat transfixed in sweltering 40C temperatures as
    Richard Marlow conducted the choir in this piece. I’m sure I saw sparks fly
    between the chairs at the climax! It is one of the most memorable
    experiences (musical or otherwise) of my life.

  3. Jimmy O'Keeffe says:

    This is my favorite peace of music of all time because it is so
    beautiful,however the harmony is very sad but very holy at the same time.

  4. davekuhn85 says:

    This song shakes me to my core and brings me to the edge of sheer sobbing
    every time I listen… truly a masterpiece for all of mankind to embrace.

  5. Michael Cooper says:

    This will always be the piece that calms when nothing else can – truly the
    most beautiful music ever written.

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