Composer: Jeremy Soule Piece: Awake Dragonborn (Arrangement on the Main Theme from video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) Arranger: Chris Gentle Date of Per…

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25 thoughts on “Awake Dragonborn (Skyrim Theme Arrangement)

  1. sipioc says:

    Black tux, formal wear, string sections and a conductor, all for a song
    based on a video game. I don’t know if that’s silly or empowering.

  2. WarpRulez says:

    *”The rights to the music belongs strictly to the performer(s).”*

    I believe the rights actually belong to Bethesda Softworks (or to Jeremy
    Soule depending on what kind of contract they made.)

  3. sipioc says:

    I just find it cool how People often think that video games are for kids,
    especially non sports games. It’s cool to see this media grow into
    something that is well respected and even classy

  4. David Alejandro Ceniceros Leal says:

    too little harsh manly men in the chorus to pull the song off.
    But again they recorded 3 sessions so it sounds like 90 instead of 30.
    the more you know…

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