My cover is on ITUNES! ▻ Listen on Spotify!! ▻ my instagram ❤ search AlexiBlue…

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24 thoughts on “Ariana Grande – One Last Time (Official) – Piano Cover by Alexi Blue

  1. Batman :3 says:

    I hope that someday you will be famous because you deserve to be. If you do
    become famous, will you keep doing YouTube?

  2. Ceci Cristobal says:

    Hi alexi I just wanna say you and AVA have inspired me so much! I’m truly
    blessed to have discovered your channels

  3. Natalie Aarons says:

    Your so freaking good I really don’t know why your not like on the Grammys
    your voice is like a angel from above Alexi

  4. AstronautenKind says:

    Oh my god alexi
    This one is so beautiful like all covers of you are. You got just an
    amazing voice and I don’t really get why there are people in Germany that
    are playing stupid video games, having more Followers on YouTube than you.
    I love you and your Music your so talented ❤
    Please stay like this because it’s perfect.
    Greetings from Germany and sorry for the bad English

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