Hi friends! I’m trying this new thing where I’m more consistent in posting videos..haha! Forgive me for always being mia once every while. That being said! Here’s a quick cover! Enjoy and…

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25 thoughts on “Ariana Grande ft. The Weekend – Love Me Harder (piano cover)

  1. Adrianne Hernandez says:

    Wow. You’re amazing!
    If you don’t mind me asking ..What microphone do you use? the quality is

  2. iMariyellerz says:

    I kinda feel like the mic isn’t completely synced with the video? But
    nonetheless amazing cover! 

  3. xasiangurlx3 says:

    HI YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. And that was amazing especially with that mic but I’ve
    heard your acapella covers before so I know you’re got a purely talented
    voice :’) not many girls can reach Ariana Grande’s high notes!

    P.S. you and your sister tina are soo pretty! 🙂 teach me your waays

  4. MrSkinnyJeanz3 says:

    Your voice is mesmerizing. You should’ve kept going! And you’re not too
    hard on the eyes lmao. Became a fan after your High Road cover. You’ve got
    a voice!!

  5. Bianca C says:

    AMAZING! your voice is perfection and if u dont mind answering what do you
    use to fill in your gorgeous brows??

  6. Justine Sta. Maria says:

    SO GOOD. My jaw already dropped as soon as you opened your mouth. FULL

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