This is what John Coltrane’s landmark tune and solo look like when they come to life on paper. If you try to play along, you may notice that the transcriptio…

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24 thoughts on “Animated Sheet Music: “Giant Steps” by John Coltrane


    *Happy Birthday, John*
    I love this song, but this is the first time I’ve seen the Animated Sheet
    Music to it. If you’re a musician, or whether you’re not, just follow along.

    IMO, this so cool! (Thanks to Duane for sending it to me!)

    #AnimatedSheetMusic #Jazz #JohnColtrane #RRHK #OnThisDay

  2. flitsies says:

    The reason for the difference in key signature is due to the tenor sax
    being in Bb so concert for the tenor is Bb the alto would be Eb unless you
    get a concert pitched sax which is not common.

  3. liordavidshragg says:

    I’ve visited and re-visited this video several times but keep forgetting to
    comment. This is phenomenal. Excellent work, keep doing more! Try some Gary
    Burton, or Pat Metheny!

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