Once again Youtube’s basic compression can’t handle Bird’s 16th notes. Watch it at 720p for a better experience. Charlie hits some hilariously good phrases i…

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25 thoughts on “Animated Sheet Music: “Confirmation” by Charlie Parker

  1. alspageddi says:

    I just happened to be in the mood for some Bird, and then, for some reason,
    I looked him up on Wikipedia and saw that he died 57 years ago today. RIP
    to a great genius!

  2. Andrea Manenti says:

    I think that those notes are the actual notes that he’s playing. (I mean
    that if you wanna play it with an Alto you have to transpose C to Eb ecc..)

  3. Alex Mayweather says:

    i think he does to encourage you to buy the book. and also i think someone
    who can transcribe this probably knows how people read music. so why dont
    you troll somewhere else

  4. London Jazz Agency says:

    Despite this being music notation, I think anyone can watch this and enjoy
    it 🙂

    Animated Sheet Music: “Confirmation” by Charlie Parker

  5. Clifford Vaughs says:

    I got Miles but couldn’t see Bird (Confirmation)..It’s quite an experience
    watching the actual notes come to life. 

  6. Federica guido says:

    But why is the sheet music in G? I’d like to study the original solo, in F,
    but it’s nowhere to be found T.T

  7. Syd Potter says:

    Whoever creates these needs to realize that people do not read music (or
    words!) in such a compressed visual area. I mean we need to see MORE of the
    notes (or words if we are reading text) in a glance in order to fully
    ‘read’ it. We do not read one note (or letter) at a time but rather in
    GROUPS. Hopefully the author of these little things will read this message
    and correct the next ones he does to make for a much more enjoyable

  8. Charles Martin says:

    I agree with Syd. This would be more valuable to musicians if you could
    see, say four bars at at time. Musicians don’t sight read right on the edge
    like that — or if they do, they get in trouble really fast.

  9. Aj Nester says:

    It’s cool that you keep the focus on one spot. You see what you are hearing
    right at that moment without the eye having to track the music as a
    musician does when reading. One simple thing you might try for the
    musicians who have a hard time with it is to offset the music so that it is
    just behind the visuals. Musicians always have to be reading ahead. These
    things must be a bear to create, though.. Hat’s off to your hard work!!

  10. Dave Rush says:

    I like this animation. I feel like I am seeing the sounds coming out as
    Bird plays. I understand what people are saying when it is moving to fast,
    but I feel as if this is meant more to show the viewer what is coming out
    in the moment. Just like the Synesthetic classical pieces with the colors.

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