A slow, easy piano tutorial/lesson for beginners to learn how to play All Of Me by John Legend (an easier right hand version) The letter notes are here on my blog: http://www.mintmusic.co.uk/2015/0…

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25 thoughts on “All Of Me – John Legend | Easy Keyboard Tutorial With Notes (Right Hand)

  1. Mint Music says:

    +Luke britton there is no option to answer your comment, but if you see
    this by any chance then my answer is no, I’m not doing GCSE music so I
    couldn’t tell you, I would ask a teacher if I were you! :)

  2. kaleb king says:

    You should hold down some notes to try to make some melody for the intro
    cause thats what catches peoples ears is for them to have a warm welcoming
    into this song but over all great video you have talent 

  3. MusicalFlaws says:

    Oh yay! I found someone who puts the notes in the description box! This is
    so helpful! I’ve been looking for songs to play, I convinced my parents to
    put a keyboard in my room

  4. Bharath Manirajj says:

    Another great tutorial you could do is Uptoen Funk(if you haven’t done it a
    Ready) and Bad by Michael Jackson…thanks a lot!

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