Albinoni-Giazotto – Adagio in g min. for strings and organ, based on a basso continuo by Tomaso Albinoni.

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23 thoughts on “Albinoni – Adagio (with sheet music)

  1. WildStarvingWolf says:

    Giazotto didn’t compose the music, he only arranged it (taking it from a
    Sonata by Albinoni) and then claimed it as his own original composition.
    Giazotto pretty much made his career around Albinoni’s works.

  2. WildStarvingWolf says:

    Same as above. Composing and Arranging are two different things. If I take
    Beethoven’s motif from the 9th Symphony and arrange something around that
    with variations it wouldn’t make it my original composition. It would be an
    arranged piece by me. Remo Giazotto didn’t compose this, he only arranged
    it and then claimed it as his own. Search for the piece and you will always
    find: Composed by Tomaso Albinoni.

  3. Philippe BARRAUD says:

    No, the style of this music is very different than Albinoni’s music. This
    adagio is a HOAX. Where is the original “sonata”, can you tell me ? Of
    course you can’t !

  4. WildStarvingWolf says:

    Of course it’s a different style, because it’s an arrangement. Have a read
    in wikipedia under this title: Adagio_in_G_minor Although not entirely
    composed by Albinoni, it is based on fragments from one of his works (I
    suspect the main motif)

  5. chiufranz says:

    The materials itself is albinoni or not is suspected. I believed the whole
    thing is Giazotto’s idea.

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