Notes to Christina Perri’s A Thousan Years Stole ’em from… Tell me if you want me to put up another song, I’m working…

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25 thoughts on “A thousand Years Christina Perri

  1. shelly singhal says:

    Omg omg the minute it started playing I got it it is sooooo much easier
    than I thought
    The soooo much

    FYI I play flute

  2. atharv dangore says:

    if you could put up “i would always love you” for flute i would appreciate
    it!!!! :-D

  3. Maria AlmaAn says:

    Omg tysm this is like my fav song and it sound really good on the flute
    while playing the flute

  4. Tweetymorris5 says:

    thanks so much for this, also there was a little mistake. when it says
    “I’ll love you for a thousand more” at some parts the F should actually be
    a C instead

  5. William Van dommelen says:

    zou je ook frozen maar dan voor de goeie tekst want dit klop niet echt kijk
    maar bij marioverehrer

  6. Scott M says:

    hey i love your flute music and can u make more because my school has a
    talent show coming up so can you please put more music

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