UPDATED SHEET LINKS* Free sheet music: http://goo.gl/47UIzI Easy version: http://goo.gl/zpCsgS Jared Johnson performs the Piano Brag Song version followed b…

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4 thoughts on “A Sky Full of Stars – FREE PIANO SHEET MUSIC – Coldplay

  1. Dgibril Monarque says:

    Vey beautiful song man! I’m ill these days and your music consoled me!
    I encourage you to continue! Thank you my friend!

  2. Atlanta Synth says:

    nice arpeggio. dude we play exactly alike. you have learned a ton more
    newer material which i’m about to crackin on. there are some good lyrics
    out there to allow for some nice melodic fun to play stuff. you’re timing
    is real good. I’m old so i wont be stealiong your job or anything, it’s
    just cool to hear someone that likes to play like i do.

  3. UNI CORN says:

    you are just amazing, really, you have such a Talent, unbelievable!! thank
    you sooo much for the free piano Sheets, when i saw the Sheets i printed it
    and just played for 2 hours, totally forgot the time. now i almost can Play
    the whole song. so thanks again!! greets from Germany:-)

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