24 thoughts on “#5 Music Theory: Reading sheet music

  1. Jvizzlezz says:

    Every time I see this guy’s hair, all I can think of is Dr. Frankenstein
    from Monster Mash.

  2. dohertyz says:

    Like 7 million people gave up, so if you’re feeling discouraged, you are a
    small percentage that didn’t give up

  3. Dragonblade180 says:

    Try looking at the key signature. The sharps/flats in the beginning and
    where they’re positioned, any note placed on the same line is sharp/flat
    unless written otherwise(i.e. natural sign beside or something else beside
    the note). I could be wrong, I’m not a teacher.

  4. William Rotroff says:

    He said he didn’t like teaching piano, and I actually felt betrayed and
    depressed for a moment. ­čśÉ

  5. farfadette150 says:

    In this one you seem really tired from your day making jokes all the time,
    but that’ all right because when I watch your videos I am too! So I am
    laughing with you about milking cows and GBDFA. LOL´╗┐

  6. Rebecca Havard says:

    every good boy does fine is what I learned from my first piano teacher for
    the lines I the treble chef´╗┐

  7. Juan Pablo Durán says:

    You are an awesome teacher, your videos have been really helpful. I’m going
    to donate money to you using your website, you really deserve it.´╗┐

  8. Alicia Galnu says:

    Seriously your videos are all amazing, you have helped me a loooot!!!!

  9. ClockworkFox says:

    I find that I remember Aceg by actually turning it into a word. I pronounce
    it “A KEG”. Sounds odd I know but it really stuck for me.´╗┐

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