25 thoughts on “2 hours The Dragonborn Comes – Skyrim Bard Song and Main Theme Female Cover_ – Version 2

  1. Dovahkiin davahkiin will save’a skyrim, but will die, for a coin, for a
    coin, bla bla bla :P. Amazing job.

  2. Omg i thought she was youtubable playing dressup in the picture. I’m so
    SORRY! ;-;
    this is nice!

  3. Omg i just got in love with her voice 😉 Such a clear voice, and the song
    best combo ever

  4. She exactly looks like a girl in my class just older….
    If there is ANY living organism that makes sounds that are more beautiful
    than her voice tell me because if something sounds better than her voice it
    is god.

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