The X Factor reject Janet Devlin has quashed reports suggesting she felt “unloved and ignored” by mentor, Kelly Rowland.

Devlin, who lost out to Misha Bryan in the sing-off last night (27th November), has insisted she “connected on a personal level” with the Destiny’s Child superstar, although admitting they did sometimes clash over song choices.

Dismissing rumours of an apparent rift with Rowland and her fellow contestants, the Irish singer told Digital Spy: “My relationship with Kelly and the other girls was great.”

“I am a bit of a loner, so I know I can be quite hard to talk to, but the other girls always made an effort with me and were really nice and I’m really grateful for that and their company in the house.”

She continued: “I’m incredibly grateful for Kelly giving me this opportunity. She didn’t have to. She could have got rid of me at Judges’ Houses and let me go.”

Speaking of whether she felt Kelly favoured Misha over her, the 17-year old stated: “There are things like connections with people. She connected with Misha because they are more similar music-wise than I ever will be with Kelly.”

“People have confused that with favouritism. I can get on with someone because I share similar music taste. Music is such a big part of people’s lives and my life, I can connect with people through that.”

Janet added: “But me and Kelly had a different sort of connection. We connected on a personal level. And that was totally fine.”
Source: MTV

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