Country singer Carrie Underwood seemingly “freaking out” with the fact her celebrity crush Patrick Stewart knows she’s alive.

The 32-year-old Grammy Award-winner revealed lots of secrets during her recent interview with Us Weekly magazine, telling the publication: “I have a very massive crush on Patrick Stewart. Always have, always will.”

The 75-year-old actor caught wind in the discussion and hubby was deeply flattered by Carrie’s comments, expressing via his Twitter account on Wednesday 28 October (15): “.@carrieunderwood’s words excite me over the solid upshot of my recent bone strength and density scan.”

She responded her longtime crush by retweeting his message and writing from the caption: “FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!! HE KNOWS I’M ALIVE!!!!!!!! Play it cool, Carrie…get involved in it cool…”

Although Carrie experienced a red-faced internet moment with Patrick recently (starts26Oct15), the star is a happy marriage with actual life spouse Mike Fisher. The pair married in July 2010 plus they currently share eight-month-old son Isaiah together.

Carrie previously revealed Mike pacifies her whenever she actually is anxious about something.

“If I’m nervous, he’ll resemble, ‘C’mon, you don’t have anything to be nervous about. Just go do whatever you do and breathe deeply and say a bit prayer and you are good to go’,” she told People magazine. “Just being able to get a bit kiss and attempt my way, its has a calming effect.”

In 2016 Carrie starts her The Storyteller Tour – Stories within the Round to market her latest album, Storyteller, and kicking things off in Florida before finishing in Canada. Baby Isaiah are going to be joining her for your journey, so she gets ensured things are all safe with the tot.

“Yeah he’ll think about it the road, we style of got our bus outfitted for just a baby,” she smiled to dicuss show host Jimmy Kimmel. “There’s a crib that’s inside back and it’s really built in therefore it is sturdy, it is not gonna be similar to, flying throughout the bus.”

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