Presenting LMFAO Party Rock Anthem Sheet Music. This is an electro-hop duo which was formed in Los Angeles (USA) in 2006 Redfoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy, born on September 3, 1975) and SkyBlue (Skyler Gordy, born on August 23, 1986) ‘

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LMFAO, Party Rock Anthem Sheet Music, piano notation, score

His first single titled “I’m in Miami trick” was released in December 2008 and reached number 51 in the list of “Hot 100”. His most successful single understands “Party Rock Anthem”, which reached the peak position of the list of Hot 100, unseating Pitbull by Ne-Yo, and Nayer Afrojack with “Give Me Everything”, and in several countries around the world also won first place in the outstanding list.

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History of the band

SkyBlue Redfoo and grew up in Los Angeles neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, where they formed the group LMFAO in 2006. Redfoo is the eighth and youngest son of Berry Gordy. Redfoo’s mother is Nancy Leivisk√§, a music video director and writer.

The name of the duo comes from a conversation he had with his mother SkyBlue AOL Instant Messenger where he said he wanted the name for the duo “Sexy Dudes” (Sexy Guys), to which his mother responded with a LMFAO. LMFAO stands for Laughing My Fucking Ass Off (me my fucking ass delivery of laughter). Today his label is Interscope Records. On July 1, 2008 launched the iTunes “Party Rock EP” and the July 7, 2009, the full album, Rock Party, with fifteen songs.

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