Interstellar OST Trailer Main Theme “First Step” Piano cover – Hans Zimmer Download on iTunes : Download on Loudr…

24 thoughts on “인터스텔라 Interstellar OST : “First Step” Piano cover 피아노 커버 – Hans Zimmer

  1. 처음으로댓글다네요그동안댓글달려면채널만들라해서귀찮아가지고안봤는데페이스북통해레이나님알게됬어요영상한번더보고싶어유튜브들어와서검색하니찾을수있었네요다른계정으로업로드되서속상하시겠지만저처럼그거보고레이나님좋아하게된사람도있으니너무상심하진마세요ㅜㅜ

  2. Okay, let me be straight with you.
    I’ve *never* seen the movie before nor have I ever heard of this OST
    before. But when I first heard this, I literally had shivers down my back.
    This cover is so beautiful that I showed this to my parents and they were
    equally as astonished as I was. Thank you for making beautiful covers for
    us. 🙂 

  3. every time i hear this song, i always wonder that perfect movie created by
    c.nolan which inspiring me to trust my god , he is the creator of this
    universe. no one else

  4. Really great cover! Is it alright if I ask what effects you added? I’m
    guessing you’ve got a reverb on but I’m not sure if you added any other
    effects that I’m not familiar with. Thanks and really great job again! Keep
    at it

  5. 레이나님 진짜 신의손이신듯..
    이곡 개인적으로도 좋아한 곡인데 피아노로 소화하시다니 짱짱능력자십니다!

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