24 thoughts on “인터스텔라 Interstellar OST : “First Step” Piano cover 피아노 커버 – Hans Zimmer

  1. hwji says:

    This is beautiful and absolutely epic! I am always excited whenever you
    upload a cover. Did you actually watch interstellar? 

  2. 김예진 says:


  3. 송지연 says:

    Okay, let me be straight with you.
    I’ve *never* seen the movie before nor have I ever heard of this OST
    before. But when I first heard this, I literally had shivers down my back.
    This cover is so beautiful that I showed this to my parents and they were
    equally as astonished as I was. Thank you for making beautiful covers for
    us. 🙂 

  4. danieljliversLXXXIX says:

    Why do these covers sound like their higher pitched than the original? Or
    is that just how it was mixed? 

  5. Reynah says:

    Please don’t mention the sheet music anymore..T_T contact me personally!
    You could find the email address on my channel information.

  6. 김태양 says:

    I’ve never been commend reply in YouTube. But, when i heared this cover,I
    should comment. AWESOME.

  7. joaquinaravena1 says:

    She asks for credits If we use one of her piano cover but I dont see any
    credits to Hans Zimmer…LOL but anyway this cover is amazing ;D Good work

  8. Arief Rahman says:

    every time i hear this song, i always wonder that perfect movie created by
    c.nolan which inspiring me to trust my god , he is the creator of this
    universe. no one else

  9. Chanho Lee says:

    Really great cover! Is it alright if I ask what effects you added? I’m
    guessing you’ve got a reverb on but I’m not sure if you added any other
    effects that I’m not familiar with. Thanks and really great job again! Keep
    at it

  10. omar ramirez says:

    Sorprendete amigo si no entiendes este comentario no importa el sonido de
    la musica no exite el lenguaje solo el sentimiento master

  11. YT HADES(하데스) says:

    레이나님 진짜 신의손이신듯..
    이곡 개인적으로도 좋아한 곡인데 피아노로 소화하시다니 짱짱능력자십니다!

  12. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    Actually the difference that after minute 2:00 is better than the original
    sound track. My respect 🙂 

  13. 이예진 says:


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