1:55 for some serious FusRoDah Drum action!! 4:10 for DRUM ONLY VIDEO!!! Link to DRUM NOTATION- https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.354037584620525.901…

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25 thoughts on “★ Skyrim DRUM COVER Main Theme – ZACK B ★

  1. Joselito Abraham Arce says:

    That was just awesome!!!… Can I share this with my kid he’s crazy about
    the game and aspires to learn the drums.

  2. NINedStark says:

    Awesome! 3:00

  3. TheMinecraftHam says:

    Dude I am a drummer to I look up to you man… Sweet double bass pedal I
    have a pearl one and a pearl drum set dudue that’s sick man I will sub.

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